Apple Inc. (AAPL) mulls replacing Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) chips for its Macs

Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) wants to use the chip technology that powers its iPhones and iPads for its mac computers as well and replace Intel Corporation(NASDAQ:INTC) processors with it, according to a report.

A Bloomberg report said that the Cupertino company was fairly confident that the chip technology used for its mobile devices was powerful enough to run its computers as well. Apple has been using Intel chips since 2005, prior to which was using chips from Motorola and IBM.

While Apple is now committed to Intel in computers and is unlikely to switch in the next few years, some engineers say a shift to its own designs is inevitable as the features of mobile devices and PCs become more similar, the report said citing sources.

With smartphones and tablet PCs becoming more popular, handset makers are increasingly finding ways to make mobile device more powerful and capable of doing everyday computing functions that are being done by laptops and notebooks.

The report said that "the engineers working on this project within Apple envision machines that use a common chip design."

"If Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook wants to offer the consumer of 2017 and beyond a seamless experience on laptops, phones, tablets and televisions, it will be easier to build if all the devices have a consistent underlying chip architecture, according to one of the people."

Apple's iPhones and iPads run on chips designed by ARM Holdings and Apple intention is to use a version of this for its Mac range of computing devices.
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