Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL): Sterne Agee’s analyst rushes to the stock defense

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) share prices were getting significantly lower recently, especially after the mixed response which the new iPad Mini has been gathering. The shares had yesterday closed below $600, which is a low point, considering the fact that this has happened for the first time since the month of July this year. The new, smaller tablet has garnered a lot of criticism, which have lead the shares to drop a little, but Shaw Wu, who is an analyst from Stern Agree, rose to the company’s defense.

Despite criticism centering on the high price range as well as the complaint about sub-average screen resolution, Wu attacked the people who have been making such comments, by saying that if anything, Apple is a threat to all competitors because of the high quality product which the company gives out. He said that the accusations towards Apple are baseless, but not surprising, since people will always manage to find flaws if they go around specifically looking for them, which is something they have been doing with Apple, because of the standards of quality which the company has set. The Apple-bashing, he says, has become more of a habit for other corporate companies. He also says that the criticism is stronger because of the threat which the new tablet continues to the PCs, which are fast becoming unpopular anyway.

He pointed at the iPod Mini and the iPod Nano, both of which had received complaints about high pricing, but they still happen to have made brilliant sales. Wu suggests that the critics and the customers differ at these essential points, because the customers are generally not hesitant to pay a little more for products which do not compromise on quality. The two above mentioned products went on to sell quite admirably, despite the criticism. For a product which is mid-range and of very good quality, the pricing for the new tablet it not at all unreasonable, he argued. He said that PCs and Windows face the greatest threat, and he also pointed out to the high prices of the Surface Tablets which have the touch keyboard.

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