Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Still Remains a Good Buy - Analysts

The intense media focus on Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL)’s next iPhone, scheduled to be launched on September 12, have almost eclipsed the offerings of the other handset makers.

Analysts have even called the launches by other mobile phone companies a waste when Apple and Samsung are still hot, so to speak.

However investors do not see it quite that way. There's no doubt that Apple is the favoured stock, but many feel it would be a mistake to dismiss the others. They feel that these other companies could gain from the smartphone wars between the biggies.

There are also mobile-related companies that could gain as a spin-off. Companies such as Qualcomm, Broadcom and Cirrus Logic which are suppliers to Apple and Samsung will certainly gain from the hot rivalry between the two companies.

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On the other side Microsoft is being seen as a good play in the area of operating systems.

"You have Nokia and Samsung [using Windows 8] and there will be more companies going forward," Patrick Moorhead, President and Principal Analyst of Moor Insights told CNBC.

Moorhead said he expects Microsoft's Windows-based platform to see "at least single-digit gains" in market share over the next six months. As a result, the company has "no place to go but up."

There are other companies snapping at Apple's heels in the tablet computer segment, such as Amazon, which last week unveiled a range of Kindle Fires at very affordable prices an packed with features and downloadable content.

However it would take some time for Apple to be dislodged from its position at the top, and it would still make sense to invest in the company despite the run up in the share price over the last several months.
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