Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK)’s new Lumias Likely to be on Store Shelves in November

Nokia Corporation (ADR)(NYSE:NOK) may have been first off the block in unveiling its new smartphones of the season, but it may well end up being among the last to actually sell the phones in the market.

The new Lumia phones unveiled by the company on Wednesday are expected to reach store shelves in November, Reuters reported.

This is well after Apple would have started retailing its new iPhones and even its mini iPads that it plans to unveil somewhere in October.

The European company has not set any date for the sale of the phones beyond saying that it will be available during the fourth quarter. That leaves very little time for it to notch up any impressive sales numbers of the year and also gives analysts very little information to base their forecasts.

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In the absence of any pricing details of the new devices, the markets are somewhat clueless what to factor in.

The Verge reported that November 2 is the earliest the Windows-based Nokia phones will reach American shores.

Pricing and timing are of the essence in the release of new gadgets and this is what Apple had mastered to perfection. It is timing its release with the start of fall when consumers are more likely to make their purchase decisions.

Nokia may well be constrained by its partner Microsoft’s own schedule for releasing its new software.

"Microsoft has not yet fully revealed all the details of Windows Phone 8, and is probably controlling the launch timing for its next-gen smartphone platform," Information Week said.

"Microsoft did this with Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 7, and even Windows Mobile 6.5. Microsoft is prepared to launch Windows 8 (for laptops, desktops, and other devices) in late October. It would not be a stretch to assume that Microsoft will kick off sales of both new platforms--mobile and desktop--at the same time."
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