Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) May Be Impacted By Samsung’s Forthcoming Tablet PC, P10

If you are a die-hard Apple Inc.(NASDAQ:AAPL) fan and believe that nothing can come close to the quality of the iPad, here's something that can shake your beliefs.

And it’s from none other than Apple's bitter rival with whom it is engaged in a high-stakes patents dispute.

Nigam Arora, a contributor to, who has been following the trial, says that precious information revealed from documents submitted in court show that Samsung is working on a new tablet, code named P10. ]

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"P10 apparently is an 11.8 inch tablet that outdoes Apple’s retina display.  The P10 supposedly has a pixel density of 256 ppi and a resolution of 2560 x 1600 (WQXGA).  The tablet also seems to provide LTE connectivity," he writes.

The tablet is meant to be released this year, which means that with more than half of 2012 already gone, the Korean company must be close to introducing it in the market - probably right around at the time that Apple is planning the launch of its own new iPhone and upgraded version of its other devices, including a iPad Mini.

In terms of smartphones Samsung has gone leagues ahead of Apple with the Galaxy series and the reception to its Galaxy 3, earlier this year, only affirmed its domination in that segment.

However in the world of tablet PCs, Apple rules with the iPad having close to a 70 percent share of the market. Arora, like other analysts, tends to put the blame on Google's Android operating system, ironically the same software that has been responsible for Samsung's leadership in smartphones.

"Samsung has done extremely well in competing with Apple on mobile phones.  Tablets are a different story from the phones. Although Samsung has made several notable attempts, its offerings have been no match for iPads.  Part of the blame lied in Google Inc(NASDAQ:GOOG Android system." 

So will the P10 offer any kind of competition to iPad?

"In my view, it is too early to tell although some people in the know believe that P10 will be a game changer.  However investors who prefer to be ahead of the crowd may want to stay alert to any and all developments regarding P10," writes Nigam.
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